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Conch Out News-Summer 2016

November 10, 2016

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Conch Out News-Fall 2016


We have an work update on the Tom Adams draw bridge from the Senior Project Engineer.   The observation level “wall columns” went up on November 9, 2016 and will provide a better view for the Bridge Tender of the waterway and roadway, as most of the walls will be glass.  There are a couple of walkways left to place the concrete on and then that will be complete and the conduit for the electrical, internet and control systems have been installed under the sidewalks.  The painting contractor will be begin mobilizing soon to clean and paint the bridge and is proposing to set up alternating one way traffic system for “off peak” traffic times such as overnight and weekends.  There is some preliminary work to be done first and the one lane closures should begin after Thanksgiving.  Once all the concrete is complete, the contractor will also begin installing the electrical and mechanical components to control the drawbridge.

Here is a photo of the most recent work being done on the tender house.


Of course, if you would like more up to date information please feel free to check out the website at

We are also working our advertising in various new venues and will continue to try new things to generate rentals. Winter is almost completely booked with some properties still to be filled but it is early and we are certain to fill in the available times.


Have a great holiday season!